Hydrophore Systems

Main principles Drema Hydrophore Systems

These are conventional steel epoxy coated or Stainless Steel skid mounted units with drip galvanized water tanks.
One or more pump sets are fitted. The skid is with or without boiler and hot water circulation pumps. The units are provided with their own steering panel, including automatic change of running pumps.

We can also deliver small Hydrophore sets for river cruise liners, made as a drinking water pressurising set, with smaller expansion vessel instead of the big galvanized tanks.

The Installation comprises:

  • Conventional steel epoxy coated or stainless steel construction.
  • Unique control panel
  • Safety valve

Advantages Drema Hydrophore Systems

  • Simple to operate
  • High reliability of the components
  • Simple maintenance
  Hydrophore system HD4TR
Drema HD4tr

Types Drema Hydrophore Systems

Drema Waterbehandeling B.V. can supply Hydrophore Systems, in a range of 0.5m³/hr up to 50 m³/hr.

Most of these systems are tailor-made Hydrophore System to your own specifications.