Situated in Dordrecht, Drema Waterbehandeling B.V. was established in 1988, its activities being primarily in the field of water treatment. The company commenced these activities initially as a service company for maintaining, repairing and servicing fresh water generators.
During it first year however, Drema Waterbehandeling B.V. developed its own fresh water generator and indeed these units are to be seen in many ships, which are using these marine evaporators today.

Meanwhile, lots of ships are using these marine evaporators.
Giant 4, raising the Kursk

In addition to this, Drema Waterbehandeling B.V. developed its own range of products, consisting of:

  • Evaporators
  • RO systems
  • Hydrophore systems
  • UV sterilisers
  • Water filters
  • Active coal filters
  • Chemical dosing units
  • Neutralising filters

Because of our extensive experience with all of these products we are able to deal with almost any request. Our considerable experience in the area of water treatment provides value added expertise for customer and makes us an ideal and reliable partner in this field.

We pride ourselves on our excellent level of service. Every enquiry is replied to promptly with a keenly priced quote. We offer very competitive prices and short turn round delivery times. We provide first class guarantees and perfect after sales service.

What else do we offer?

  • Every enquiry is answered promptly with an attractive offer
  • Competitive prices
  • Short delivery times
  • First-class guarantee
  • Perfect after-sales services