Ultra Violet Sterilisers

Main principles Dutch Mill Ultra Violet Sterilisers

Short-wave ultraviolet rays predominantly at 254 nm wavelength have the unique ability to kill micro-organism. Low-pressure mercury germicidal lamps, whose special hard glass is transparent to energy at these wavelengths, radiates ultraviolet rays. The rays then penetrate the outer membrane of bacteria, virus, yeast, mould and algae. They strike and destroy the DNA that allows the organism to live and reproduce. It safely and efficiently eliminates the drawback of chemical sterilisation, corrosion from added chemicals, chemical feeders and monitoring devices. Dutch Mill Ultraviolet Sterilisers produce bacteria-free water, completely unchanged in pH, colour, taste, odour, conductivity and temperature.

The Ultraviolet lamp never contacts water, because it is housed in a special quartz tube. Quartz tubes are used for their excellent UV-ray transmittance, typically 95%. Inside the sterilizer water contacts a turbulence-creating disc. The water is forced tangentially through the chamber, spinning rapidly over and around the quartz tube.
This system maximises the time microorganism spends next to the UV-source and ensures that the microorganism receive the required amount of UV-energy.
Dutch Mill quartz tubes mounted within the sterilizer chamber maximize ultraviolet intensity. So while most bacteria require 13.000 units (micro watt seconds/cm2 at 254 nm) for complete destruction, the international shipping laws require a minimum of 16.000 microwatts seconds/cm2 at the end of 7.000 hours lamp operation.
However, the Dutch Mill Ultra Violet Sterilisers provide more than 30.000-microwatt seconds/cm2 depending on rated flow and an absorption coefficient of 0,6.

The Installation contains:

  • Stainless steel housing, to eliminate the problems caused by corrosion
  • Hour counter
  • Lamp radiation guard

Advantages of the Dutch Mill Ultra Violet Sterilisers

  • Environmentally friendly, no dangerous chemicals to handle or store and no danger of overdosing
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Immediate treatment, no need for retention times and holding tanks.
  • No change in pH, colour, taste, odour, conductivity and temperature of the treated water
  • Easy installation
Dutch Mill UV 5

Types Dutch Mill Ultra Violet Sterilisers

UV - 5
UV - 10